This site aims to tackle the nitty-gritty of social equality rather than the broad strokes, with a particular focus on restructuring equality and social justice movements to include the values we so often espouse within them.

Equality Spectrum is a small project with big aims. Whenever possible, I hope to add content in the form of personal opinions and perspectives on many different aspects of equality and diversity, including many feminist issues.

It is said there is no “feminism”, but many “feminisms”. This author’s own feminism could be defined as follows:

An attempt to deconstruct the behavioural expectations and societal limitations placed upon a person based on the sex assigned at birth, always endeavouring to consider other personal and social variables such as race, socio-economic status and disability, with the aim of decreasing inequality.

We are all subject to a number expectations based on the sex assigned at birth, as well as societally imposed impediments and restrictions, which may vary in nature depending on culture. For some, many of these expectations and limitations have consequences for them personally, while for others they may manifest in behaviours that harm those around them. The effects of such prescriptive roles in a society are wide ranging and will likely be discussed throughout many later posts. For now though, just know that this personal definition has been crafted to reflect an interest in trans* issues, as well as being one that incorporates LGB (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) and QIA (Queer, Intersex and Asexual) issues.



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