Russell Brand on the Irish Water Charges

You may know Russell Brand for his celebrity antics, but more recently his Youtube show Trews has been gaining a following for its outspoken, humorous and yet critical look at economic and civil issues in the UK.  In this video however, Russell Brand looks outside of the UK and provides an overview of just some of the reasons that people in Ireland have been resisting a governmental plan to charge denizens for their water usage.

I should state that this author personally believes in water rates and metering to charge according to usage, with appropriate discounts for those in need of State assistance – but only within a healthy and transparent infrastructure. Following accusations of government corruption involving the state-created utility company Irish Water, the meter installation contractor Siteserv and businessman Denis O’Brien for whom such accusations are not new, it’s difficult to consider any joint venture between these entities to be healthy or transparent.

In addition, there is reason to believe that water supply costs are currently being met indirectly through other taxation and that the average household cost estimated by Irish Water is significantly far from accurate. Other issues raised include wasteful and/or unethical expenditure of finance and fears that the utility company may later be privatized and sold for profit, leaving the Irish citizens with little or no control over their own water resources.

Unless and until all of these issues can be resolved and the indirect charge that householders currently pay through higher taxation, as well as the water rates already paid by businesses, are abolished to avoid an otherwise inevitable double payment for the supply and service, this author will remain opposed to Irish Water and meter installation in Ireland.